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TS Infotech -Business Solutions Delivered by Business professionals

TS Infotech has the experience to offer both IT and business modeling assistance to customers who do not have their own in-house expertise.


Our diverse teams have worked at locations around the world including the USA, UK, Germany, Netherlands, India, APAC, and Middle East and bring an average of 10 to 15 years, gathering a wealth of consultancy and management experience within industries such as:

  • Finance
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Automotive
  • Telecommunications
  • Shipping Lines
  • Logistics
  • Warehousing
  • Transportation

Experience gained in all of these sectors is applied to whatever issues with which we are faced in sourcing the ideal solution to your specific business needs be they process changes, structural, communication or cultural changes whilst respecting your individuals businesses heritage and history.

Business Analysis

We provide services to review your current processes and analyze how well positioned you business is to meet your strategic objectives.

Consulting & Staffing

Our experienced teams can compliment your in-house team, a 3rd party vendor or fill a vacant need in your project team to add value with their extensive IT and domain knowledge.

Process Modelling

Establishing, improving or reviewing business processes can be a very cumbersome task for an organization. Resource availability, resistance to change and complacency are the key obstacles that prevent an organization from making fundamental (or even basic) changes to their business processes.

However such changes are necessary and frequent reviews essential to ensure that you maintain your competitive advantage within shrinking markets and globalization.

Having an impartial team available enables this transformation to take place with the least possible disruption to your teams 'day jobs'.

Working closely with all the appropriate levels within your organization, our experienced team relieves many of the stumbling blocks that hinder you desired and effective process changes.

Project Management

Filling a temporary project management post for either a short term or long term project from within an organization (particularly as smaller organization) is a difficult task. Personal interests, not to mention existing responsibilities, will always hinder the time and effort that can be committed to the project.

Our experienced team of project managers can relieve this burden whilst focusing solely on the objectives of your project - with all due consideration given to your day-to-day operations - ensuring that timelines, objectives, quality standards and budgets are kept under control whilst managing risks, project communications and change management.


TS InfoTech maintains a development team in New Delhi, India that is available to service our customer's software design and development needs. The benefits include:

  • Cost efficiency
  • An extensive knowledge base
  • Quick mastery of the latest technologies and skills
  • Quick turn-around times

In addition our business analysis team is able to be positioned at your facilities to provide a essential bridge between your business team and the development team, ensuring that requirements are understood, reviewed and communicated on a regular basis resulting in prompt delivery of the desired solution.

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