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TS InfoTech is one of the first global providers of out-of-the-box JSR-168 and .NET standards based portlets supporting Enterprise Applications Integration, Single Sign-On, and portal add-ons for multiple portal platforms such as Oracle Portal, Sun JES Portal, BEA Weblogic, IBM WebSphere, RedHat JBoss, Microsoft SharePoint, Ja-Sig uPortal, SCT Luminis, Jenzabar ICS, and LIFERAY.

One of the biggest challenges that most organizations are facing today is how to leverage all the investment that has been made over the years on multiple enterprise systems and consolidate that into an enterprise portal solution. Application integration is a crucial piece for organizations that need to expose the data that they manage in large enterprise applications to their portal users. Internal applications and business processes must be integrated and automated. These might include 3rd party packaged applications like Oracle, SAP, SCT Banner, DataTel, Blackboard, WebCT, Moodle, Sakai, PeopleSoft, Exchange Server, Lotus Notes, OCS and legacy systems developed internally. The current generation of integration solutions, have inherent limitations that complicate the ability to meet the business and technical challenges of e-business integration, especially when these products tend to be fragmented, complex and expensive.

TS InfoTech brings deep domain expertise to the delivery of JSR-168, WSRP, and .NET standards based portlets that provides enterprise application integration, single sign-on, as well as a vast pool of add-on portlets that ignites the functionality of your portal. We understand that a portal solution (be it an Enterprise Portal, Collaboration Portal, Content Management Portal, or an Executive Dashboard) serves as one of the most important enterprise applications or in fact as a home to all the users in an organization or community. A portal must provide full functionality of all enterprise applications that are used regularly on the desktop and do so without any performance degradation or loss of functionality. Having this range of functionality available at the users' fingertips can dramatically enhance the usability and value of the portal solution.

TS InfoTech has developed a unique methodology of designing standards based portlets. Our approach is focused in preserving the operation and integrity of 3rd party or legacy applications, and provides an interactive model for integrating existing applications into the Portal System. This approach allows for the integration and presentation of data from relational systems, legacy mainframes, unstructured data, and external data to provide users with a cohesive view of the interactive portal based on data they need and are authorized to see.

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