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In the present-day economy the key differentiators for any organization are Speed, Collaboration, and Innovation. To keep pace with the highly volatile marketplace, organizations need business applications that are highly flexible and easily accessible to internal and external stakeholders. Mainframe host-based systems typically define and control the majority of business processes in large organizations. Enterprises that can effectively leverage their legacy systems are best positioned for growth and success.

TS InfoTech's application modernization services help renovate legacy systems to enhance flexibility, alleviate risk, minimize disruption and lower costs. We enable you to address legacy system issues such as multiple technology platforms, high cost of maintenance, unsupported systems, shrinking employee expertise, lack of integration and web capabilities.

TS InfoTech's specialized teams are able to put together the application blueprint for the entire organization, identify specific problem areas and work toward streamlining the applications portfolio into a more efficient and robust setup. In the process the client also saves significant costs and enjoys higher reliability and up-time of the rationalized portfolio of applications. We deliver portfolio rationalization and modernization using a well-defined framework, best practices and proven capabilities in legacy. Our services include applications portfolio assessment, rationalization roadmap creation, platform migration, application modernization and data modernization.

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