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Enterprise level identity management requires thousands of entries accessing hundreds of functions from multiple locations on a variety of devices. This kind of system requires robust infrastructure to make access efficient, convenient and secure. TS InfoTech's Identity Management Practice has the experience necessary to implement effective, affordable identity and access management technology.

We provide a complete service to help implement the Identity and Access Management solutions from the ground up or integrate solutions into already established systems.

TS InfoTech works with institutions to understand their identity management needs, evaluate market vendors and define methodology accordingly.

Benefits of Identity Management Services:

Balancing efficiency and security is the key to effective enterprise level identity management. Each is equally paramount to success. Letting either gain priority can be dangerous, but TS InfoTech's Enterprise Identity Management Practice can help make sure all aspects of the identity management solution remain effective.

Improve efficiency

Improve efficiency by automating and consolidating your identity infrastructure based on existing investments in applications like Active Directory. Develop effective workflow processes to simplify and streamline identity management services.

Enhance security

Secure your directories by implementing stronger authentication for multiple systems. Take full control of privileged accounts, including who accesses what, when, why and how access is granted. Build an identity service you can trust.

Achieve compliance

Proper auditing, reporting and enforcement do more than assure compliance - it assures quality service. TS InfoTech utilizes powerful compliance tools to easily control access and segregate duties to deliver constant compliance.

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