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Organizations in today's era require their business applications to be managed 24x7 and remain secure, reliable and maintainable. They need solutions to help them ensure high availability and performance of their applications and monitor their various components and troubleshoot production issues.

TS InfoTech's application management services help you get the best out of your existing IT applications. The scope to reduce the application management investments in an enterprise is dramatically improved when the cost of support and maintenance of applications are optimized. We follow a metrics based approach to software support and maintenance through which we constantly counsel and implement improvements of the support and maintenance processes of our clients' applications.

Application Management and Support services:

Our Solutions

Maintenance and Enhancements
We provide preventive, adaptive and corrective maintenance services. We engage with the client's business and IT teams for smooth transition of functional and technical enhancements into operational activities.

Production Support Services
These services include fixing bugs, diagnosing and correcting hidden errors, assessing the impact of new releases, proposing improvements, maintaining technical and user documentation, monitoring applications for data integrity and performance, and maintaining and running a 24x7 Helpdesk. Business Continuity at TS InfoTech is ensured through the creation of detailed disaster recovery and resumption plans.

Continuous Productivity Improvement
We ensure this through our defined strategies, innovations and best practices.

Business Benefits and Value Proposition
Clients derive significant benefits when they engage with us for Applications Management.

  • Ensure base understanding of the domain, application and environment.
  • Fully define the processes and procedures to ensure the quality of all technical services proposed.
  • Ensure continuous productivity improvement to generate higher ROI.
  • Have the proven transition processes to ensure smooth knowledge transition.
  • Provide the solution for knowledge management.
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